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Say No To Ageism Week

30 May 12


 This year's Say No To Ageism Week takes place from June 4th to 8th. It is a good time to consider the affects of ageism in our society. The week provides an opportunity to remind us of the consequences of ageism in service provision. It is a time to renew our commitment to combating ageism in society.

Older people's identities are often replaced by a negative stereotype that denies them access to full participation in society. The theme this year is a positive affirmation: "I Say No to Ageism". So much can be achieved when a negative attitude is changed to a positive. Combating ageism doesn’t cost money, it just takes a moment to reflect on why or how you see age as a ‘qualification’ to participate in society. Think of the many areas you might use age as a judgement call and see if it is really valid. Take a positive stand and reject ageism by joining the campaign this week.

Members of Co Wexford Age Equality Network will be attending the launch of the week on Tuesday June 5th in Dublin, where materials to promote the week will be collected and brought down to Wexford for circulation.

The "Say No To Ageism Week" is an initiative developed by The Equality Authority with the support of many partners including The Health Service Executive, the Office for Older People, transport companies and older people's organisations. Its aim is to raise public awareness about ageism and to promote and support practical actions for 'age friendly' service provision in key sectors. It is a particularly relevant response by the Equality Authority in this European Year of Active Ageism and Intergenerational Solidarity.

The week will involve increasing public awareness through the use of print advertising in the transport sector, and online campaign and other related events. Practical initiatives can be promoted in each of the sectors such as:

* Pass on this message by email
* Download and put up posters in your organisation (http://www.equality.ie/en/Events/Say-No-To-Ageism-Week/SNTA2012.html )
* Download or ask for a copy of 'Towards Age Friendly Provision of Goods and Services' - a booklet updated for Say NO To Ageism Week (http://www.equality.ie/en/Publications/Good-Practice-Publications/Towards-Age-Friendly-Provision-of-Goods-and-Services.html )
* Develop an in-house strategy to identify ways of tackling instances of ageism in the context of access to services.
* Attend the Age and Insurance Seminar in Dublin Castle on June 6th next.

This is the ninth year of the initiative, co-funded in 2012 by the European Union under the PROGRESS Programme 2007-2013.

If you have a good idea to promote ageism awareness in your organisation please write to the Equality Authority at: info@equality.ie or locall on Tel:1890 245 545.

Together we can help to promote actions to strengthen the commitment to Say No To Ageism during this week and throughout the year.

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