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Our Partners


Co Wexford Age Equality Network is an independent alliance that works closely with other local, regional and national organisations who have a vested interest in age equality and an age-friendly society. We work collectively to effectively engage with these partner organisations, service providers and agencies to ensure that older people are involved, empowered, consulted and at the core of decisions that affect them. Collaboration allows for us to maximise our resources, avoid duplication and develop joined-up thinking in all that we do. Our main partners include:

Wexford Local Development (WLD) delivers the Get Vocal programme in Co. Wexford and works in partnership with the Network on a daily basis primarily through the employment of a Get Vocal project officer, but also by providing additional services and opportunities for the wider older community throughout the county.

WLD is one of 52 local development companies around Ireland, who are tasked with delivering the Local and Community Development Programme, which is the main Government programme that seeks to combat social exclusion.

Some of WLD’s other programmes that provide services or opportunities for older people include:
• Rural Transport Programme – bus services in isolated locations
• The WARM Project – home insulation and energy efficiency
• The Little Jobs Service – home repairs and small jobs
• Adult and Community Education – lifelong learning opportunities
• Sustainable Communities Programme – involvement in local communities

Age & Opportunity is the national not-for-profit organisation that promotes opportunities for greater participation by older people in society through partnerships and collaborative programmes. Get Vocal is an Age & Opportunity initiative supported by The Atlantic Philantrophies, and provides grant support to Wexford Local Development to support Co Wexford Age Equality Network implement an agreed workplan. We also work with Age & Opportunity on other programmes which provided increased opportunities for older people in Co. Wexford to realise their potential, to learn, to take part and to make a difference.

Some of the other Age & Opportunity programmes that members of the Network are involved in include:
• Go For Life – Physical activity promotion and small grants scheme
• Bealtaine – The month long national festival of creativity as we age, each May
• Ageing With Confidence – A holistic health promotion training programme
• Cultural Companions – Bringing isolated people together to go to arts and cultural events

Other Get Vocal projects and Networks around Ireland
Get Vocal works in different ways in different parts of Ireland and we regularly link with these areas. Similar networks are active in Wicklow, Kildare and Cavan. Other projects we engage with often target specific cohorts of older people, such as Respond Waterford (older men), Southside Travellers (older travellers) GLEN (older Gay, Lesbian, Bi-sexual, Transgender people).

Other Ageing Sector organisations who we work with

Older & Bolder is an alliance of eight non-governmental organisations that champions the rights of all older people, and seeks to combat ageism through advocating for an age-friendly society where decisions are informed by the expressed needs and preferences of older people and evidence-based research.

Co Wexford Age Equality Network collaborates with Older & Bolder to consult, lobby, campaign and advocate at grass-roots level. Our members have been involved, both locally and nationally, in the Defend the State Pension Campaign (2010), the campaign and consultative process for the National Positive Ageing Strategy (due to be published during 2012) and currently we are involved in the Make Home Work campaign, seeking to make the right to age well in our own homes a reality.

Active Retirement Ireland (ARI) is a national network of local Active Retirement Associations whose purpose is to enable retired people to enjoy a full and active life and to advocate for them. We in Wexford work closely with ARI on a national, regional and local basis, with many local associations being members of our Network. This allows local groups to avail of both national and of local supports. An officer of our Executive Committee is currently on the Board of Active Retirement Ireland. This helps ensure our work at local level avoids duplication and is of mutual benefit.

Irish Senior Citizens’ Parliament (ISCP) is a representative organisation of Older People in Ireland.
The Parliament is a non-partisan organisation working to promote the views of older people in policy development and decision-making. Co Wexford Age Equality Network works side by side with the Co. Wexford Division of the Parliament, with officer representation on our Executive Committee.

Other organisations we work closely with on a regular basis include:
Community Alert (Muintir na Tire) – South East Region
The Alzheimer Society of Ireland – Wexford Branch
Irish Men’s Sheds Association
Office for Older People – Department of Health
Sports Active Wexford – Local Sports Partnership, Wexford County Council
Co Wexford VEC – Adult & Community Education
An Garda Siochanna - Community Gardaí
The GAA Social Initiative (via Rapps/Starlights GAA Club, Enniscorthy)

We also collaborate with individuals, our local member groups and their own support organisations who are too numerous to mention. It is our vision to work in an integrated, mutually beneficial and collaborative manner for the benefit of all older people in Co. Wexford.

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